Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I've been tagged !!!

Thanks for tagging me my dearest friend Hazel...8 facts about me , myself and

I :)1.) I have an average number of family members. They consist of my mom , my dad, my 2 sisters and one brother and of course, my 2 beautiful grandmothers. My older sister has 4 children (3 boys and 1 girl), my younger sister has 2 children (boy and girl) and my brother (our youngest) has one little girl. My 2 grandmothers are still happy and kicking! and my husband and I don't have any children yet but we are in the process of adopting my eldest nephew Wingie.

2.) I met my husband through the internet. We decided to be bf /gf 2 days after my bday and 1 day after his bday .. We talked for only 1 1/2 months and he came to PI to meet me for the first time. He came in PI in 2001 , we were engaged on Nov. 23, 2001 and one month after -- we were married in Dec. of 2001. After we were married, my husband and I were together for 4 mos. and we spent our honeymoon in a place called "Boracay" which is an island in the philippines where most tourist come to vacation. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. :)

3.) I was still in college and waiting for my graduation before coming here in the US. My husband and I kept our promise to my parents that I will not come to the US until I have graduated from college --- which I did!, A week after my graduation we flew off together here and left my family, which was the hard part. I graduated as a "Teacher" of High School Students , majoring "Technology and Home Economics" and the minor was "English" (which is the funny thing) in University of Cebu and also took a short term course in Interface Computer College at the same time I was in UC, taking up computer secretarial!

4.) My husband and I dont have kids of our own yet but we do have dogs (our pets) that we take care of... like our own children... consist of 2 jack russel terrier (tammin and patches) and my lil' pomeranian (foxy) and now, we have a new additional jack russel terrier again name "Trixie" who chewed a lot of our stuff that are reachable for her.

5.) I went to school to take the certified nursing assistant and finished with it ... then I took my state exam and passed it.. I am now waiting for my state license and I guess , it's in our mailbox right now sitting there waiting for me get it.. :) I had enjoyed my time being there in the Washington Center for Comprehensive Rehabilitation, taking care of the elderly people who needs my help and care and show them that I can be their family if they don't have one that cares for them....show them that I truly care for them rather than the paycheck I get every 2 weeks for giving my service! By winter --- I will be going to University of Washington for my 2nd degree of being a Registered Nurse... wish me luck folks! :)

6.) As of now, I am working in a company called "Pearson Educational " which is basically -- a company who's dealing all the major exams of the grade school to middle to high school like the "WASL" .. reading the writing test papers of the students and give a score of each paper for the content and convention ...counting the mistakes that the students make like the (grammar, punctuation marks, sentence formation and so on..) ... I also , sometimes help my husband doing the paper work for our little business ... we are not poor, not rich either.. but simply live the very simple life that no one will or can be jealous of nor is there any reason to be. :)

7.) I am a people person and for sure I have tons of friends that I can't even count with my fingers ... but I do know who are the real ones and who aren't... If I am not talking to you nor try to make contact with you even if we know each other -- that will give you a sign that I'm not interested of pursuing my friendship with you. I am a very nice person or a friend to whoever and what you are with great personality but I can be a bitch if you push me to...so, don't try to push that red button that says "warning" to avoid seeing the real witch :) ... I also don't judge people the way she/he looks and what he /she wears ... I just simply know that I don't have the right to judge anyone as I don't want to be judged by anybody not even you. Just pls. try to get to know me first and then judge me later on :)

8.) I simply like to smile and laugh a lot, hang out with my family members most of the time than with the friends, doing any activities with my niece and nephews , chatting with my bestfriend Aubrey and my choosen close friends, cleaning around the house as I am a clean freak, bitching about something that doesn't make any senseImage, talking to my family on the phone every weekend making sure that they are alright, watching many different varieties of movies every weekend from 8pm to 3 am with my husband, shopping almost everyday after work. I also like getting to know other people and be friends with them. I am not maarte or stuck up as what other people say (although, that's always the first impression of the people before they get a chance to talk to me and get to know me better). I just like making lots of friends but I also hate people who are so boastful about everything they have even if they don't have anything..I don't like women who talk about other people's lives especially talking about their friend's cars (what type of a car it is and who made it), what they wear, what brand is her purse or types of make up, are they living in an apartment or a house and check the pictures backgroud just to see what they have around or even what her husband/fiancee looks like? Is he tall and handsome or the most interesting question is "how big is the rock on her finger?" ... you can't compare your life to other people as everyone has different direction and dreams ... so, just be happy of what you have and be content with it...then there's the happiness comes in ---- with great happiness comes great wealth and prosperity!!! these things aren't important to me and if you are one of these type of people, pls. dont bother me.So, here are the facts about me and I know 50 - 50 of people who read this will agree with me or disagree but hey, I'm just telling you what I am! wish all of you folks the best of luck!Now, I am tagging my friends namely: Analyn Castro, Alma, Ann, Shabem, Aubrey, Losel, Estrella, Haze, Mae Chyl, Lovenia, Mariza, Sweet Love, Myra, Marvie, Rebecca, Rhoxy, Rubie and Stephen. If you get tag, you are going to write 8 facts about yourself! So, go write yours now! :)

Love, Wealth and Success

A woman came out of her house and saw three old men with long white beards sitting in her front yard. She did not recognize them. She said, "I don't think I know you, but you must be hungry. Please come in and have something to eat." "Is the man of the house home?" they asked. "No", she said. "He's out." "Then we cannot come in", they replied. In the evening when her husband came home, she told him what had happened. "Go tell them I am home and invite them in," he said.The woman went out and invited the men in. "We do not go into a house together," they replied. "Why is that?" she wanted to know. One of the old men explained: "His name is Wealth," he said pointing to one of his friends, and said pointing to another one, "He is Success, and I am Love." Then he added, "Now go in and discuss with your husband which one of us you want in your home." The woman went in and told her husband what was said. Her husband was overjoyed. "How nice!" he said. "Since that is the case, let us invite Wealth. Let him come and fill our home with wealth!" His wife disagreed. "My dear, why don't we invite Success?" Their daughter-in-law was listening from the other corner of the house. She jumped in with her own suggestion: "Would it not be better to invite Love? Our home will then be filled with love!" "Let us heed our daughter-in-law's advice," said the husband to his wife. "Go out and invite Love to be our guest." The woman went out and asked the three old men, "Which one of you is Love? Please come in and be our guest." Love got up and started walking toward the house. The other two also got up and followed him. Surprised, the lady asked Wealth and Success: "I only invited Love, why are you coming in?" The old men replied together: "If you had invited Wealth or Success, the other two of us would've stayed out, but since you invited Love, wherever He goes, we go with him. Wherever there is Love, there is also Wealth and Success!"